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I tend to read more than one book at a time.

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  1. loved 3 cups of tea. glad i persisted past the mountain climbing stories to get to the meat of the book.

  2. Kathleen Cantwell says:

    Just want to subscribe to your blog Tessa!

    1. thaitessa says:

      Aww thank you! You can subscribe, if you want!

  3. Steve Milburn says:

    I also love to read and am wondering if you’ve read any of Stephen Lawhead’s books? Specifically, Byzantium and Emporium. Lawhead has captivated me with his story-telling abilities. Byzantium is a decent sized novel (around 900 pages) but…. a wonderful read. It follows the life of a monk captured by a Viking raid on the Isle of Britiania (modern day England) and his spiritual journey as a captive to the “barbarian” culture.
    Lawhead has a great 3 book series on the Robin Hood Theme. He has a great 6 book series on the King Arthur Theme, as well as, numerous other wonderful novels. You should check him out.

    I also recently read Immanuel’s Veins and liked it ok. Dekker is not as powerful a writer as others in his field. His material is interesting but tends to lack that page turning ability from cover to cover. There are always sections that seriously lag in his books. I’ve read most of them :)

    If you like Nautical Fiction, there is an 18 book series written by Dudley Pope that chronicals the life of “Lord Ramage”, the son of British royalty that makes a name for himself in His majesty’s Royal Navy during the 1800’s. His cavalier attitude towards war and politics and his ability to think outside the box wins not only the affection and loyalty of his crew but also those that have had the pleasure of reading his stories. The beauty of this series is that it builds on previous books and for the most part develops the same characters throughout.
    Anyways, just thought I’d share a few of my reading enjoyment list.

    Also, enjoyed reading about your “mountain experiences”. Mine were a bit different as that mountain was a source of much pain as I ran up and down the back trails quite often triathlon training. Though I experienced much joy in recruiting others to join me in my pain :)

    1. thaitessa says:

      Hey Steve! Thank you for your comment!

      I haven’t read any of Lawhead’s books but I would love to check them out. I love reading about history and I enjoy reading about that time period.

      I agree with you on your review of Dekker–I was expecting more–not sure what. Immanuel’s Veins was the first book of his that I’ve read. Would you recommend any of his other books?

      I will definitely look into Dudley Pope’s books as well! Thank you for the suggestion! I just got a Kindle, so it makes it so much easier to pick up books–I no longer have to order them and have them shipped overseas.

      Haha–yes mountain top experiences are painful too–they aren’t all good :)

      Good to hear from you! Please keep sending book recommendations!

  4. Donald says:

    The War of Art is a must read every year. And you’ve inspired me to start the Bonhoffer book tonight. I’ve heard great things, and it’s been on my shelf for too long. And thanks for reading some of my stuff. Good to know there’s still somebody in the world reading books!

  5. thaitessa says:

    I just finished reading “The War of Art” for the first time. I agree, it is one that should be routinely read. Bonhoeffer is really good, it’s long, so I’ve been slowly working my way through it. I love history, so reading it is like a fun and inspiring history lesson. I really enjoyed “Searching For God Knows What” and “Blue Like Jazz” as well–your writing style is really engaging. Are you working on another book? Thank you for your comment and visit to my blog!

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