Kickboxing with Bonhoeffer

It’s easier to fight visible enemies. Actually, fighting enemies in general is easier. I’m not talking about Muay Thai kickboxing. Many times it is easier to try to fight the woes that ail us, thinking that our struggle will result in victory and sage-ness. With every Jackie Chan-like kick, we think we’re taking one giant…

Scrabble : triple word score

It’s easy to give up. It’s even easier to mope – especially when a seemingly debilitating and career-ending injury makes it look like you’ve reached the end of your dream. Drew Brees didn’t give up or mope for too long. I’m taking notes from him. This NFL player incurred a shoulder injury that almost ended…

bag defunct. bugs beware.

Are there any more bags? I asked this of the Thai man who poked his head in through the flaps that release the bags to the conveyor belt. Yes, one more, he said. My bag came out and I turned several different shades of red. The side zipper pocket of my duffel was agape. This…

Upchuck and Uplift

I upchucked into a yellow public trash can in front of a pool table in a street night market tonight. It was mortifying and humiliating. But after the spew, I made an instantaneous recovery and could continue on with my North Face backpack purchase and relationship building with Thais.

Big Brother

I just finished reading “1984” by George Orwell. My mind made the connection between Matthew 28:11-15 and the Orwell’ coined ‘Party’ and ‘Big Brother.’

A Painting of Life

I imagine many of the valuable and expensive horse hairs fell out of the brush because of my lack of dexterity. I
watched Long Ju paint many a beautiful painting, only realizing and recognizing its value later.