oh oswald

Oh Oswald. I love how Oswald Chambers always has just the words I need to hear. It’s really not him, it’s God and the Holy Spirit using the daily bits of wisdom to speak to my heart. April 29th’s entry is about gracious uncertainty, and boy, did I need to hear (or in this case,…


I like, no, love history. I love learning about the past because it paints a picture of why the present is the way it is. Many of today’s problems have their roots in the past, in events that have transpired. I was reminded of that today when I listened to men and women from villages…

An august August

I can’t believe the month of August is almost over.

It’s weird how time flies when you become an adult. When you’re a child, time goes by so slowly. It seems like Christmas will never come and you’ll forever be in the fourth grade.

I think it’s when college hits that time starts its time warp. Does anyone know how to stop a time warp? Does sticking bubble gum in it work? Or what if you were to yell really loudly, “SLOW DOWN A BIT, WILL YA?”