Why do you wai?

In Thailand, handshakes are not the norm in first acquaintances or greetings. To greet someone in Thailand, you do it with a wai. This is the polite and culturally acceptable way to say hello and goodbye. How do you wai you ask? Place your palms together with fingers pointed up toward heaven. The age and…

Boiled eggs and blind turtles

Long ago, Buddha’s disciples asked them when their sins and bad karma would be gone. Buddha told them they’d be free of karma if they placed an egg into a river and after three years they put a blind turtle in the same river and when the blind turtle finds the egg, that’s when they’d be free of their sin.

Upchuck and Uplift

I upchucked into a yellow public trash can in front of a pool table in a street night market tonight. It was mortifying and humiliating. But after the spew, I made an instantaneous recovery and could continue on with my North Face backpack purchase and relationship building with Thais.