On faith and fairy stories, part 2

When arguing for the reality of literary myths, whether or not they actually happened is not really why people read them. One does not read Harry Potter truly believing that it did indeed happen, save for the most ardent Twitter fans who devote their entire online presence to Hogwarts and its inhabitants. No, the reader does not discard the story after learning it did not exist. Reading books like Harry Potter is an invitation to a journey and an adventure and this adventure is desirable.

prayers for the persecuted

I recently read the testimony of a believer who experienced tremendous persecution. He was beaten for being a Christian and nearly lost his life. He’s experienced what it means to suffer for Christ. I can’t even imagine. Platt’s book, “Radical,” that I’ve referenced several times, encourages us to pray for the entire world as part…

Playboy=Pansy, Fashion and Foibles

In Thailand, Playboy is a brand name for clothes, hats, jewelry and license plates. True story. It’s not necessarily a magazine here. The playboy bunny is plastered everywhere. I’m not sure if all who don said bunny rabbit know what it means. Maybe it’s best that way.

For the record, all of the cars with Playboy license plates drive like pansies. Playboy=pansy.

If you are going to flash the bunny, at least drive like a playboy.