Art of Misunderstanding

It’s easy to misunderstand. This is especially true when your home country isn’t the one you grew up in. There are a lot of things about American culture that I don’t know about having lived in Asia most of my life. Going to college was enlightening for me in many ways. There are still many…

Transforming church

I’m not involved in a rural church in America, so my reading Shannon O’Dell’s book, “Transforming Church in Rural America” may seems a little strange.

But, many of O’Dell’s themes and messages can be applied to ministry overseas as well as to rural churches in America.

In my ministry, I need to have calling, vision, attitude, leadership, understanding and excellence. These same elements are needed in churches all around the world.

Many people believe that mega-churches are the only way to go. God seems to be with large churches.

Uncle Sam’s Plantation

It’s modern-day slavery. It’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin on Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Star Parker’s book is a vehement presentation of how big government enslaves America’s poor in a vicious cycle. Parker came out of the same background she writes about having been on welfare. Parker talks about how welfare, taxes and minimum wage helps, not hurts….