Un-bieber-able – Justin Bieber, a gymnast

It’s an exciting time. It’s Olympics and everyone’s going crazy. Bieber is too.

Thought y’all might enjoy this interchange between my dad and I on Skype.

Sometimes names are similar, too similar, as I just found out.

Dad: How about surprise with Beiber girl losing to her roommate?
Me: What?
Dad: Women’s gymnastics
Me: Oh! I missed those events, what happened?
Dad: The USA girl expected to win didn’t qualify for final
Me: Oohh I need to catch the replay
Dad: Just missed out
Me: She is Bieber’s girlfriend?
Dad: Her roommate who was not given as good a chance had her personal best on the bars and it lifted her above. She is now in first spot
Me: Oh nice
Dad: It is the overall routine
Me: Wow, I need to find the replay
Me: How is Bieber involved?
Dad: Yeah likely find it on NBC
Me: I am still confused
Dad: About?
Me: How is Bieber involved
Dad: Not Justin but a girl
Me: Oh, you said Bieber girl so I wasn’t sure if she was a fan of his or some gf
Dad: Similar name

Me: I am cracking up here, lol
Dad: Name is Wieber, not Bieber
Me: Hahaha lol!
Dad: :) Kinda same
Me: Haha, you are awesome! love it!

So, no, Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, (I guess that’d be Selena Gomez?) isn’t an Olympic athlete and didn’t fail to qualify for the finals. I’m sure it’d be amusing to see Selena Gomez on the uneven bars. She’d probably do quite well with the floor routine.

I mean, my imagination really was running wild – I was thinking maybe she is such a fan of the Biebs that she couldn’t concentrate on her routine for fear of missing a Bieber sighting or concert. You never know, he could parachute out of a helicopter into the gymnastics arena with Kate Middleton (now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge).

I bet that would make Jordyn Wieber’s day and liven her spirits.


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