bag defunct. bugs beware.

Are there any more bags?

I asked this of the Thai man who poked his head in through the flaps that release the bags to the conveyor belt.

Yes, one more, he said.

My bag came out and I turned several different shades of red. The side zipper pocket of my duffel was agape. This wasn’t just any side zipper. This is the zipper that housed my dirty undergarments which were now spilling onto the conveyor belt.

The man asked me if this was the bag I was waiting for. Yes, unfortunately so, I answered. Thankfully, since it was the last flight in and not many people at the international baggage claim, I managed to stealthily cram the unmentionables in elsewhere.

For some unknown reason, it won’t happen again, I decided to throw my dirty clothes in the side zipper. It took several attempts to pack the duffel because I purchased more culturally appropriate clothes and pity gifts to give my friends. (We have a pact among the other guys and gals I work with to buy each other treats when we travel.)

So, let’s be honest. I probably put too much in. But how did the zipper break off? At least the other side zipper didn’t break off, that had my travel French press in it. That’s the best $25 I’ve ever spent.

There’s another interesting component to this story.

My flight was delayed due to a “problem with loading the luggage.” At the time, I took no notice of this. I figured there must be a late bag coming in with a passenger with a close connection. They were probably running over from that flight from Muscat I saw on the arrivals screen.

I am wondering if it is because of my decrepit duffel. Was it? It could have been…

My undergarments, for all I know, where probably spilling out over Suvarnabhumi (the airport in Bangkok) and some poor soul had to collect and mash them in the already obese bag.

As a frequent traveler and for someone who’s grown up in Asia, you never want to be the one who delays an aircraft, holds other travelers up or makes any kind of big scene. You kinda wanna slip in an out, like a ninja, or a pirate ( I told an English class I was in last week my occupation was a pirate, no one laughed).

The horror. My undergarments delayed a 777 full of people. It was also the last domestic flight out too. People were groggily rubbing their eyes and checking their watches. Yep, my fault peeps.

I’m thankful to be back in my apartment.

I was welcomed by the two biggest cockroaches I’ve seen in awhile. I grabbed my Chaco, hesitated a second, do I want to use a $75 shoe to kill this thing? I decided they were already stinky and needed washing anyway.

“Die!” I shrieked as I tried and failed repeatedly to kill the roaches.

I’ve heard roaches can survive a nuclear fall out. Do I really think my Chaco is going to kill them?

After more shrieking and ninja-like-throwing of my sandals, I managed to kill both, amputating their legs (sorry for the graphic detail).

So, needless to say, it’s been an interesting last couple of hours. I have many other topics of the “deeper” variety to share and blog about, but thought I’d share the humor in today for now (I think I can laugh at all this).


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