While in Vietnam

While in Vietnam:

I ate pho perched on a squat stool. A Singaporean man sitting behind us told us he wasn’t eating because he was already 105 kg.

I discovered I have very expensive tastes in (fake) designer handbags (the most expensive was a Gucci at $380).

We ate at a Vietnamese restaurant that gives an opportunity for youth from underprivileged to work and receive training. We had a marvelous set of food that included tasty eggplant.

I got hit by a bicyclist. Vietnam has a plethora of motorbikes and I somehow managed to not get hit by one. It’s less crazy than India, but still, crazy.

I navigated the Cu Chi Tunnels where the Viet Cong hid out underground for 21 years. It was a great quad work out going through those tunnels. In our tour group were five recent college graduates from London. They were a hoot.

I shot an AK-47. I used to think I was a decent shot. The AK-47 was so loud and unnerving I wasn’t quite sure what I hit.

I marveled at Vietnamese art. I love artwork. The Vietnamese are known for their lacquer wood art. It’s almost like a history lesson looking at the artwork. I love seeing the expressions on people’s faces that the artists capture.

I visited the past, the Vietnam War past. This was the hardest part of the trip, visiting the War Remnants Museum.

I tried for Texas barbeque but settled for an Australian grill. We met the owner, Bernie, and I had a panini.

I visited the Reunification Palace where Vietnam was reunified. Sat at the president’s desk in the war room. I also sang a song for the entire basement. Another highlight was learning how to play the nose whistle across from the room where all the pictures of dignitaries are displayed.

I sipped iced coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and gazed at a replica of the Notre Dame cathedral. Vietnam was a colony of France for many years and its influences can still be seen. The Chinese also ruled in Vietnam. Vietnam was an interesting mixture between Chinese, French and Vietnamese culture.

I had the opportunity to drink quarts oh-so-smooth Vietnamese coffee. The Vietnamese and Turkish do coffee right. When you order, they bring a little filter apparatus and you watch your coffee brew. It’s by far the smoothest coffee I’ve had.

I bought weasel poop coffee.

I sampled wild boar and venison at a Vietnamese barbeque. I love both meats.

We wandered by mansions in the expat side of town looking for a restaurant. We asked an Australian lady in a gated community where “The Deck” was. After two more tries, we found it.

At The Deck, I talked about the future with great friends, one who is a prophet and ate an ostrich steak and black eyed peas by the peaceful Saigon river.

These are some of the memories I’ll hold on to and remember when I’m old.

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  1. Sam Chen says:

    YOU GOT HIT BY A BIKE?!?! Are you okay? Did you get hurt? I hope you’re okay!!

    Other than that…loved your post!! Made me want to visit. Except…I don’t know that eggplant can be “tasty”…and you may want to know what you hit with that AK-47 (especially if it’s a who!! But I don’t think you’re that bad of a shot). Sounds like you had a blast…so glad to see that!

    PS- now that you’ve found the perfect coffee, is this a hint to stop sending you black & tan? Hehe. : -P

    1. thaitessa says:

      Haha, yes, it wasn’t a big deal. No bruises or anything! Thank you for your concern!

  2. GL says:

    I love seeing the world through your eyes.

    1. thaitessa says:

      Aw, thank you! I love talking about the world with you.

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