Transforming church

I’m not involved in a rural church in America, so my reading Shannon O’Dell’s book, “Transforming Church in Rural America” may seems a little strange.

But, many of O’Dell’s themes and messages can be applied overseas as well as to rural churches in America.

Ministry needs to have calling, vision, attitude, leadership, understanding and excellence. These same elements are needed in churches all around the world.

Many people believe that mega-churches are the only way to go. God seems to be with large churches.

O’Dell uses his experience in taking a small, rural church on the brink of extinction to a vibrant church to paint a picture of how influential rural churches can be. O’Dell shares in his book how his church transformed from a sleepy, lifeless church into one of passion and service.

This is a message America needs to hear. Money or size doesn’t make the church. Every believer is called to worship and serve, no matter the location. The churches in the Bible were small and rural. Their stories are still being told, thousands of years later.

Imagine what would happen if every church in rural America lived transformed, dreaming big and acting on it?

Thomas Nelson’s Booksneeze program provided me with a copy of this book. My opinions are my own


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