Playboy=Pansy, Fashion and Foibles

In Thailand, Playboy is a brand name for clothes, hats, jewelry and license plates.

True story. It’s not necessarily a magazine here. The playboy bunny is plastered everywhere. I’m not sure if all who don said bunny rabbit know what it means. Maybe it’s best that way.

For the record, all of the cars with Playboy license plates drive like pansies. Playboy=pansy.

If you are going to flash the bunny, at least drive like a playboy.

Playboy license plate drivers characteristically drive excruciatingly slow. They have a hard time committing to a lane, which I find ironic, and they can’t make up their mind where they are going and when they’d like to turn.

I’m sure most of you who know me know that I am a little bit of a crazy driver. This week, I have friends visiting from the U.S. — he’s the senior staff writer with my NGO. I had just finished cautioning them of my driving and telling them to let me know if I scare them when I rear-ended someone. Yep. I didn’t stop soon enough and I hit a car. There were not scratches or marks on either of our cars, but I was sufficiently humiliated.

I’m an impatient driver and I tend to ride peoples bumpers, hence the bump-age.

Also, I have a lead foot. Lead-footed drivers do not get a long well with playboy pansy drivers.

I think they need to own up to the brand they are wearing.

I was thinking today about how I wear the Christian brand and that many times I don’t live up to it. I’m not worthy to wear the brand sometimes. I need to buck up and live a vibrant faith. If we’re going to wear the label, ‘Christian,’ let’s live in a manner worthy of the cross of Christ.

Morale of the story: 1. don’t ride people’s bumpers 2. own your faith


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  1. Julie Shockey says:

    Great article. We all could learn from that. Thanks for your honesty. We all could improve our driving in some way.

    Love ya.

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