Searching for God Knows What

Humanity is searching for the relationship it lost in the Garden of Eden.

Today, I read Donald’s Miller’s book, “Searching for God Knows What.” In his usual conversational yet poignant writing, Miller talks about his journey to discover who God and Jesus is and his discovery of the essence of our faith.

Miller takes a hard look at what Christianity has become. Many times, it’s a cut and dry set of beliefs that will grant you access to heaven. But is that what humanity is really searching for? A bullet-point list?

“Maybe the gospel of Jesus, in other words, is all about our relationship with Jesus rather than about ideas,” Miller writes. “And perhaps our lists and formulas and bullet points are nice in the sense that they help us memorize different truths, but harmful in the sens that they blind us to the necessary relationship that must begin between ourselves and God for us to become His followers.”

What we are searching for is the relationship we lost in the Garden of Eden. We’ve turned Christianity into a formulaic theology, a ‘do this and you’re saved.’ What Miller delves into is, that maybe, having faith in God is more like falling in love than following a series of steps. It’s not a scientific process. It’s sure easier for our faith system to be like a math equation. There’s no mystery or intrigue in a math equation.

Miller points out that everything in the world points to the human need to find love and value.

Adam and Eve found perfect communion in Christ. They were treasured by God and they had no need of finding worth or value in anything else. After the fall, everything changed. Since then, humans search for value, love worth and affirmation in anyone or anything.

Miller says that perhaps the reason why the Bible uses so many parables, poems and stories is because, “attempting to describe a relational break man tragically experienced with God and a disturbed relational history man has had since then and, furthermore, a relational dynamic man must embrace in order to have relational intimacy with God again, thus healing himself of all the crap he gets into while looking for a relationship that makes him feel whole.”

So much of my life (this is Tessa speaking) has been spent worrying about what others think of me and whether I’m going to fail. Am I pretty enough, smart enough, outgoing enough etc. Reading Miller’s book reminded me that the only person’s affirmation I want is God’s. Yes, I know that, but do I really claim it and believe it?

His love for me is so deep and unfathomable. I am more in love with my Creator and His love is the only love I need.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing me with this book. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandra Lyons says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your comments on this book. Keep it up girl!
    Love to you
    Aunt Sandra

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