Boiled eggs and blind turtles

They kneel, bow and rock back on their knees. They chant earnestly with eyes tightly closed and brows knit. Left palm glued to right palm.They are praying to an emerald Buddha perched atop a throne.

Countless Thais visit Wat Phra Kaew each year to pay homage to the Emerald Buddha. For every bad deed a Buddhist commits, for each of the five laws they break, they must do good deeds to make up for the bad deed.

It’s never ending.

Long ago, Buddha’s disciples asked them when their sins and bad karma would be gone. Buddha told them they’d be free of karma if they placed an egg into a river and after three years they put a blind turtle in the same river and when the blind turtle finds the egg, that’s when they’d be free of their sin.

That’s impossible, they remarked.

Well, of course it is.

It was even impossible for Buddha to break free from karma. Buddha told his disciples that he’d kept the five laws most people try to adhere to, furthermore, he’d kept the 227 laws and the 100,000 laws of Buddhism. He’d logged so many good deeds in his life. But, Buddha said that if he lived his life 10 times over, he wouldn’t make it within sprinting distance of the gates of heaven.

What are we to do? His disciples asked.

Wait for the One who’s coming. He’s like a golden ship, Buddha said, one who’d carry people to heaven. This One Buddha prophesied about would have no bad karma. He’d be recognized by the holes in his hands and the scar on his side.

This One, will be able to break karma’s curse.

This is the message we are sharing with Thais. The One Buddha foretold of has already come. Karma doesn’t have to rule.

–These stories are part of a training we’ve taken and stories are taken from the book,  “From Buddha to Jesus, An Insider’s View of Buddhism and Christianity.”


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