In their footsteps

Running in flip-flops is something new for me. But it’s not a novelty for the countless Burmese who’ve had to flee from their own countrymen.

On the border of Thailand and Myanmar, children fall asleep to the sound of bazookas and rapid rifle fire instead of sweetly sung lullabies. It’s been 40 years, and the people of Myanmar have had no solace from strife. It’s Myanmar’s people groups, their ethnic minorities, who are the primary targets of violence. To read more about the situation in Myanmar, click here

This past weekend was the 6th annual Run for Relief . The purpose of the run is not only to raise money but also to make a statement: you are not running alone. Not everyone ran in flip-flops. You could choose to do so, however, as a sign of solidarity. Yes, my feet hurt a little afterward, but along with the many others who ran in flip-flops, we were saying, “You’ll never run alone.” In Christ, they’ll never run alone. The sad part is, many don’t know the Author of Life.

Will you commit partner in prayer?

This weekend I am headed to work with Burmese refugees near the border. We’ll be playing with and loving on children in an orphanage. Stay tuned for stories from this weekend.


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