Security guards and doctors without municipal borders


One of our security guards is so sweet, so earnest. He spoke to my roommate and I our first day asking if we could write our names down.

He wants to practice English. He capitalizes on every opportunity to speak with us.

“It was a pleasure to talk with you,” he’ll say, beaming.

He also has about 20+ brochures about our Father. I stumbled through the stories about who JC is in my broken Thai and tried to respond in his broken English.

Please pray for him—pray that my language would improve enough to talk to him on a deeper level. Ask that our Father would prepare his heart.

We went to the Sunday Night Walking Street this week. Street (stay tuned for a post about that) It is by far one of my favorite places to go. We took a songtaew (red taxi) and shared it with a couple from Bangkok. They are both doctors who are in Chiang Mai for a research placement. Their English was stellar.

They paid for our fare (there were four of us). This was really sweet and it surprised us. They too seemed like persons of peace. Not just because they paid for our songtaew—mind you.

I’m really praying for an opportunity to meet up with them again


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  1. Sandra Lyons says:

    Hi Tessa,
    I am very new at this but want to follow what you are doing in Thailand. Iwill also e-mail you or go through fb for help.
    We love you!
    Aunt Sandra

  2. Uncle Duane says:

    Hi, Tessa!

    It’s pretty cool that you are back in Chiang Mai! I love your blog entries and can’t wait to follow your journey even more. I’ll never forget when you arrived in Chiang Mai- y’all had a great big ole’ house that had lots of windows on every side! Sure can’t believe you’re all grown up and following God in your own adult ministry!

    Keep that “abiding relationship” with Jesus!

  3. Connie Johnson says:

    Hey Tessa,
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed reading your updates. I’ve been praying for you and hope that God continues to provide great opportunities for ministry, as well as good Christian friends with whom to minister!
    Connie Johnson (met you at Grace; my daughter Jessica went to Chiang Mai this past fall)

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