Security guards and doctors without municipal borders

One of our security guards is so sweet, so earnest. He spoke to my roommate and I our first day asking if we could write our names down. He wants to practice English. He capitalizes on every opportunity to speak with us. “It was a pleasure to talk with you,” he’ll say, beaming. He also…

Popping in and out of chalk drawings

Now, if you had asked me as a middle or high schooler whether I could have ever imagined myself back here as a 22-year-old, I probably would have told you I couldn’t fathom what it would be like to be that old.

It’s the Climb

Don’t look at mountains in your life and be dismayed and discouraged. Look at them as a chance to find intimacy, solace and learn lessons in your walk with Christ. It’s about running the race in a manner worthy of winning the prize. The mountains in our lives are there for a reason and a season. Allow God to use them to grow you and remind you how great His love is for you.